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When Nations Strive For Innovation The Impossible is Made Possible A world health card to enable cross boarder prescriptions for diabetic patients may prevented numerous issues and deaths amongst the 463 million (in 2019) diabetics worldwide. Learn More

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Finding healthcare providers offering the COVID-19 vaccine and having your secure VAX Passbook in hand ahead of time will help you prepare.

About US Health Access (USHA)

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US Health Access (USHA), a subsidiary of World Health Access, offers services to US Citizens and US residents. USHA has partnered with a technology firm to produce a secure Biometric Card System. This premier initiative provides a complete turnkey solution for the US Department of Health, health agencies and individuals alike.

With the current focus on health and hygiene it is important for every traveller to have a VAX Passbook or VAX Passcard that confirms all the necessary steps they have taken, from testing to vaccination, in preventing the spread of disease.

USHA Direct Focus

US Government & Healthcare Insurance

USHA services support healthcare and insurance organizations that work with healthcare technology, research and development companies such as CDC, NHS, HHS which engage in building technologies to advance security in all aspects of life and in the global healthcare space.

Together we can tackle chronic diseases that are the leading cause of death worldwide, by pushing world leaders to take advantage of our cross-border program and thereby significantly reduce the number of deaths due to Covid-19.
Global Information and Communication Systems

USHA Card Solutions

The USAH system is designed to be adopted as a national health card that will enhance databases within the country as well as internationally.  

The USHA card by W.H.A. is a uniform, automated, secure, biometrical based technology solution intended for use by government agencies and authorized institutions to accurately identify short term visitors entering and exiting the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally developed to meet the specifications for secure entry and exit of international borders, the VAX Passcard can also be used for entry into secure locations like government facilities, medical and financial institutions.

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