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CBS Overview

Over the years, worldwide commerce, worth over $300 billion due to the interlinked and international nature of this economy, has resulted in exponential growth. However, the surge becomes increasingly susceptible to a range of risks from all sorts of cross-border problems that impact the way we do business - from immigration control to medical issues that may prevent countries from allowing migration, not to mention crime and terrorist groups. Disruptions such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, should naturally force responsible governments and key industries to constructively engagement in SafeaNet national citizen policies and business practices, and to begin to look into their bottom line globally.

Health & Border Security

Smart Borders system aims to adequately provide a sustainable solution for private citizens and responsible governments. By beginning to take steps towards Smart Borders, a border security and management environment can instantly create safer, less disruptive settings, especially in critical cases likely to cause worldwide health issues, and border closures - that must be prevented instead.
  • USHA As A Service of W.H.A Pushes For International Network Collaboration
  • Cross-border technology helps Emergency Medical Relief
  • Assisting Government and Non-Government Agencies during disaster planning

The SafeNet innovation for cross-border travel is essential for USHA technology volunteers and staff workers to deliver vital services – from providing relief and support to those in medical crisis, to helping all citizens of the world before any border problem arises during uncertain times; to always being prepared to respond to such emergencies without losing lives that could be saved.

The World Health Access will become the bridge that ensures citizens cross borders safely and businesses continue to go with their daily business and thus, become a more standard and cost effective measure that when an epidemic or pandemic shows at our shores; all standard measures of crossing borders are already in place, therefore reducing the need for the extreme measures we are facing today.

USHA will be working with your country and organizations to:

  1. Make a safer border by utilizing risk-based standard measure in border decision making.

  2. Enable you to improve this standardization by normalizing World Health Card data penetrating through participating countries Land, Sea and Air borders.

  3. With our standard measure NOW, you will surely increase cost savings by consolidating participating countries' government functions at the border.

  4. NN will enhance your FAST Track Innovation at the Air border by enabling the WHC Secure Ecosystem to prevent any unwarranted issues crossing your border in term of medical or other disaster undertaken globally.

The Technology Behind USHA - Vax Passbook

About World Health Access

World Health Access (W.H.A.), owned by the International Health and Wellness Organization is responsible for creating the VAX Passbook and VAX Passcard with an online service portal in support of the efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
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