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Secure Health VAX Passbook & VAX Passcard

USHA – VAX Passcard is developed to meet the specifications of a secure global healthcare card, for smooth entry and exit of international borders in the wake of COVID-19. The card can also be used for health insurance and other secure means such as access to government facilities, medical and financial institutions.

Our Vision and Mission

VAX Passcard utilizes secured biometric authentication features to assist card holders both at home and when travelling. The VAX Passcard provides authorities with access to the card holder’s personal and travel information as well as current health-related information, with approval of the card holder.

Service With Experience


Your travel plan includes your transit Lounge Experience via the premium VAX Passbook and/or VAX Passcard also known as USHA Passcard.

The VAX Passcard has secured biometric authentication features to assist authorities in verifying the identities of visitors entering a country participating in the program. The card not only provides access to the card holder’s personal information but also health information that could be critical to the cardholder as well as the country.

USHA aims to provide extensive information to consumers in the USA and visitors arriving in the country. This includes healthcare rights and responsibilities so you are able to access your insurance information in seconds, and get the treatment you need in case of an emergency.

VAX Passcard – One Healthcare Card

You can now begin to enjoying the rewards and benefits loaded on the card.

VAX Passbook – Test & Vaccination Booklet

Patented, private and secure, platform agnostic for storage and retrieval of all documents.
Your Card Benefits Go a Long Way

Corporate Health | Secure Document Access

Having a VAX Passbook or VAX Passcard will help the country’s economy and safeguard citizens’ health – Because travel destinations and air travel have been deeply affected due to health concerns and cutbacks.

  • Having a VAX Passbook or VAX Passcard is your vaccination record showing the history of all the vaccinations you’ve had.
  • It helps keep your vaccine records up to date. These records are increasingly likely to be required for certain jobs, travel abroad, or school registration.
  • Your records are for you alone to have and hold. There is no national organization that maintains vaccination records. Not even at the CDC.
  • The only records that exist are the ones you (or your parents) are given when your vaccines are administered.
  • The VAX Passbook and VAX Passcard keep your records safe and secure, save time and avoid potential problems.
  • Upload corporate and financial documents required for due diligence
  • Designate access to your organization’s trusted officers
  • Provide patented biometric fingerprint cards to officers to track document access, editing and sharing
  • Fingerprint authentication enrollment of each officer provided with a card reader
  • Your corporate information is stored securely so you can streamline the due diligence process with other third parties in future
  • The company receiving your documents is prompted to create a free, secure account with DocuVault in order to gain access and view your corporate documents

Common documents required for due diligence:

  • Corporate Structure
  • Ownership Structure
  • Affiliate/Parent/Subsidiary Information
  • Financial Records
  • Government and Tax corporate ID
  • Legal Information (past settlements, litigations)